September 28, 2011 PORT JEFF MUSIC FESTIVAL!
Carol and I went to the Port Jefferson Music Festival last Saturday, 9/24/11. Two of the acts that we selected were Douglas Baldwin (The Coyote) performing Coyote Loops. It was really enlightening and entertaining. The Coyote is a world class guitarist ... but this was a new direction for us ... watching arrangements be made on stage. Watch for the Coyote ... and check the link on this site. Denise Romas was the next act, and Carol and I really were delighted. The songs, mostly originals with a few covers, were great. We of course got a cd, and love it ... Inspired. You can find this cd at the link to her site on the lynx page. I highly recommend this cd for a wonderful, fresh addition to your collection. Carol and I plan on going this friday night, 10/30, to see Wavelength ... you can learn more about that at Denise's site. Watch for more blogs soon ... Fall is here and time to start typing while having home brew!
Yah, there is a Tabasco radio podcast now. The first episode goes up at the same time as this announcement blog. I'm kind of excited, especially considered two or three people might listen to it. The music selections hopefully will entertain you. The first episode, the dialogue volume is screwed up, buy starting with episode 2 (soon), I hope to be better with that. Give it a try; the link is on the main page of this site. I'll talk to you there, heh heh.
So ... here's something I've always wanted to vent about. There is something that many commuters lack .... "train etiquette"
I ride the Long Island Railroad every business day. It's two hours in, and two hours home every day, counting getting to the station, parking, walking to platform, getting to the bus or subway (or walking a few miles once off the train). So, the actual sitting-on-the-train component of the trip, over an hour each way, calls for manners ... as most people are strung out and exhausted. Sadly, so many people have no manners ... act like they were raised in a barn ... and exhibit selfishness, and total disregard for others. This makes a grueling commute exponentially more unpleasant. So ......... here is an abbreviated list of my pet peeves. Remember, most people just want to nod off, read, do a puzzle, or find some way to kick it down a notch. These are all things that prevent that for me on most days.
1. First and foremost, cellphones. The advent of the cellphone has by enlarge created an atmosphere of noise, distraction and total annoyance on the train. Cell phones have been around for how long, now? Decades? And there are still idiots who think they have to talk loud on them to be heard? I can't tell you how many days there are people on the train who sit there, in a closed in box, surrounded by others, and go on and on and on ... loudly. "Ha, hah hah, oh yeah, I know what you mean ... oh, no .... you're kidding! Are you really going to join a bowling league????" And I have to sit there and hear every freaking little detail of their sorry existance. Hey! You! Give me a break!! There are actually people, who, when asked nicely to lower it, get mad and curse at you and talk louder.
2. Food. Why the HELL do some of these pigs think that I (or any of the other folks) want to sit there, in a closed-in box, and smell their french fries, Big Macs ...FISH! Good Lord. How can you be so selfish? Same thing in the morning, someone will plop down next to me, pull out an Egg McMuffin, crinkling the wrapper as much as possible, and sit there slurping it in, crumbs going all over the place ... WHAT, AM I IN YOUR F*%*^%G KITCHEN???!!!! Again, you have to decide if you want to nicely confront, display disgust, or just sit there and bear it. The last choice usually prevails, as you've learned how true selfish pigs react to it being suggested that there are others on the train besides themselves.
3. Makeup. How many times do I have to sit next to some lady with the mirror, mascara, makeup, thing going? Are we in you bathroom? Should I pick my teeth and gargle? Shave? How about I take that makeup kit, and shove it in your ear? By the way, you're still ugly. Once, and I kid you not, a lady sitting next to me was tugging on her long, gnarly, ratty looking hair with a brush, hairs flying all over the place, and actually picking hairs out of the brush and dropping the to the floor, some onto the seat. I catapulted out of my seat and went and stood in the vestibule all the way home, to decrease the chances of a nasty confrontation, and to keep from barfing.
4. I actually saw some freaking pig trimming his nails on the train, and dropping the clipping ON THE SEAT.
5. Why does everyone who sits down behind me have to hit the back of the seat I'm in? Why? I don't do this.
6. Newspaper flappers. Now, see, when I turn the page of my newspaper, it doesn't make noise. Did you ever see one of these guys who slaps every page over like he was trying to kill a fly with it? Whack! next page ... whack! WTF? I just take a page in the lower corner and pull it over. Does it have to be more than that? Whack! It's like sitting next to someone cracking gum (oh, well that could have been #7).
7. Loud earphones. I got the kind for my mp3 player that go in the ear. I can crank it up, and the person next to me can't hear it. I know this, because I've tested them. Turn it up, pull them out and once they're more than a foot from me, I can't hear them. Last pair I got cost $5.99 and they work great. Why, then do I have to sit there, and hear the tinny wakka wakka boom chicca boom from someone's crap earphones ... the kind that look like little pancakes and just rest outside the ear. My God, how can they stand it that loud that I can hear it five seats away? Turn it down ... or get some decent earphones. No, the ones that come with Ipod are not decent.
8. Chat. OMG. Once, I went up to some people, and calmy asked, in a very low, soft voice, "Excuse me ... can you hear me?" They, smiled and yelled yes, wondering what I was going to say. I said, yelling "THEN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TALK THIS LOUD SO THAT YOU ANNOY EVERYONE ON THIS CAR, AND MOST LIKELY EVERYONE ON EVERY OTHER CAR ALL THE WAY TO THE FRONT OF THE TRAIN???? DO YOU THINK WE WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR CRAP ALL THE WAY HOME? The gave me blank stares, toned it down for a few minutes, and it quickly and steadily went right back up to the bigger decibals. Nice. Real f'ng nice. Thanks.
9. Why do conductors feel it necessary to put their punchers right by your face when they click them? Does this make them happy? For that matter, conductors who b.s. to others loudly ... there is no excuse for that. Ticketholders with manners have a hard enough time getting treated the same way by other ticketholders ... we have to listen you YOU?
10. Trash. You have a couple beers? You can't take the cans with you getting off the train and put them in the can that's like 10 feet away from the train doors? Why?
February 25, 2011 BILL MUMY
It's "real good" (as Bill Mumy would say) to get rewarded for your efforts in looking for real good stuff, and indeed finding real good stuff.

I came across Bill Mumy's website last week. Of particular note was the Real Good Radio Hour. It looked right down my alley ... open air radio hasn't been, in most cases, real good for a long time. I had been downloading hour long podcasts from (The best blues you've never heard!) and loving it, so a new podcast show seemed real good. I was not disappointed. The Real Good Radio Hour. I'm not going to write a book here ... but if you like real good radio, you should check out Mr. Mumy's site ... I put a link to it in this site as well.

Anyway, I started liking RGRH alot, as I said. Wow ... in one of the episodes, the Country Music one, he said how Poco is his favorite country band. Poco has always been my favorite band. Period. I own everything the band ever realeased, and am anxiously awaiting release of the CD they are making right now. I've seen Poco at least six times in concert ... once in the seventies, once in the eighties and four times from '04-'10(awesome). I could not agree with Bill Mumy more when he called Rusty Young "Legendary". Can't say enough about that.

So, now that I realise Bill Mumy has such great taste, heh heh, and got a kick out how he was born the same year as I was (1954), I start thinking, "Why do I not have any of his music in my collection?". So, I decided to get his latest ... Glorious in Defeat. I was going to get the CD, but got impatient and downloaded the MP3 Album from Amazon. It is, to put it mildly, real good. The album is so great on so many levels. I downloaded Carnival Sky next, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying it. Incredible songwriter. The instruments, vocals, producing ... all Bill Mumy and it's the best stuff out there. These are songs that you want to hear again each time they're over. I just ordered an autographed copy of Circular using one of the links on the site. Gonna be great, I'm sure. I'm definately going to go for the instrumental Speechless. I'm sure I'll backfill my collection at that point with more of Bill Mumy's music. This is my opportunity to say that these Mumy albums are among the best songs / music I've ever heard. Already, they are at the toppermost of the poppermost of what I like to listen to. Real good material.

And the Real Good Radio Hour? I got another one on the player for the train ride home again. I want to catch some live, too, with a beverage ... and a snack. Thanks, Bill.
February 5, 2011 Y NOT
Ringo Starr's latest CD, Y NOT, is truly wonderful. It's available at Ringo's last five or six cd's have been great, really great (and I still love the earlier ones), and this is the best one yet. Nice harmony vocals by Paul McCartney on one song, and some really great guitar and piano work by great musicians. Ringo is a world class recording artist, and he produced this one. I'm always glad when I pick up a Ringo CD. Y NOT?
.....for the entire months of December and January and ... so far ... it looks like a good hunk, if not all of February. Incredible. The snowiest January for the tristate area IN RECORDED HISTORY. Ice storms, sleet, cold snaps and wind have all entered the mix. My question is ... has anyone told Algore (that would be Bubba Clinton's former lab assistant)? Well, we shouldn't be so hard on Algore, I guess. After all, his huge sucking up of jet fuel for private excursions has been dwarfed by Nancy Pelosi's record breaking use of Airforce jets for entourage outings. If you take her cost to the American people for jet fuel as a percentage of what I pay for gas in my 17 year old Saturn, it would likely be proportionate to the spending of the Obama regime compared to that of the Bush administration, which was way too high. Well, anyway, in a couple of days it will be Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. I will remember him fondly at the Lodge superbowl party this weekend, and hoist a few in his honor.
"Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem." - -- Ronald Reagan
This is the first entry for the Evil Blahg. I will be hitting topics such as Brewing, Politics (oh, no!!!), Current Events, Entertainment and Motorcycle Trips. There will also be podcasts!